Amy Adams

Would you even recognize Amy Adams without long, flowing, side-swept strawberry-blonde locks?Getty

Jamie Lee Curtis

She might have embraced gray hair in her 50s, but almost every strand of her pixie cut is in the exact same place as it was when she was 42.Getty

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock has been falling back on long, straight hair with piecey bangs since her Miss Congeniality days. Even her highlights look the same!Getty

Kate Winslet

Although Kate Winslet often wears her hair up, she's been rocking middle-parted golden-blonde ringlets for nearly 15 years.Getty

Jennifer Connelly

Not only has child-turned-adult-star been wearing her super-shiny, dark hair straight and middle-parted for decades, she hasn't changed her brows either!


Tina Fey

With or without glasses, it's easy to see Tina Fey has long favored shoulder-length, side-parted waves and a golden-brown shade.


Ellen Degeneres

Everyone's favorite funny woman has opted for her signature pixie cut for almost 20 years.


Reese Witherspoon

Her name is practically synonymous with girl-next-door long, blonde hair!Getty

Whoopi Goldberg

Although Whoopi tried braids and twists in the '80s, she's been sporting shoulder-length locs for most of the last three decades.


Zooey Deschanel

Zooey played around with color and cuts before she became a big star, but as soon as she was recognizable, so was the hairstyle that became her signature look: long brown hair with eyebrow-grazing bangs.


Elle Macpherson

Elle was called "The Body" back in the '80s, but they could have easily called her "The Hair" considering her gorgeous golden locks haven't changed since then.


Katie Holmes

Rarely one to switch up her color, Katie has been landing on a softly wavy lob since long before we were even calling this hairstyle a lob.Getty

Salma Hayek

Long, dark, middle-parted -it's part of what makes Salma instantly recognizable. She even tucks it behind her ears the same way she did when she was 30.


Jenny Lewis

As a child star, Jenny Lewis rocked long, red hair and blunt bangs that made her adorable; as an acclaimed singer-songwriter in her early 40s, it still does the trick!


Lucy Liu

The only time we've seen Lucy Liu with anything other than long, thick, shiny hair is when she wore the occasional wig in the Charlie's Angels movies.


Blake Lively

Blake has done a lot of growing up since she became a starlet, but her super-long, blonde, wavy hair is ageless.Getty

Michelle Williams

Michelle never lets her pixie cut grow out for too long; she keeps cropping it ever shorter and bleaching it ever blonder.


Sofia Vergara

The brunette bombshell has favored long waves and a middle part since her pre-Modern Family days as a model in Colombia.


Alicia Silverstone

Alicia's shiny, flippable, blonde hair has made her one of the most recognizable California girls on the big and small screens.


Raquel Welch

With her own line of wigs, it's easy for this legend to wear her hair any way she wants - but she still looks incredible in a style she wore 50 years ago!