'Overwhelmed' Postal Worker Hoards 17,000 Pieces…

A seemingly overwhelmed postal worker was sitting on 17,000 pieces of mail so he could focus on delivering “important mail.”

Human brain cells implanted into mice

Scientists have successfully implanted baby mice with human cells, according to new research.

Cops Try Unlocking Phone With Dead Man's Finger

Florida police have raised eyebrows by showing up at a funeral home and trying to use a dead man's finger to access his phone, the Tampa Bay Times reports. Victoria Armstrong was at Sylvan Abbey Funeral Home in Clearwater when two detectives showed up and held the hands of her...

Prince Charles Stuns Writer With 'Racist' Remark

Prince Charles has roused a Guardian reporter's ire by allegedly making a racist remark about her, People reports. Anita Sethi met Charles this week at the Commonwealth People's Forum, and when she told him she's from Manchester, he apparently said, "Well, you don't look like it!" and laughed. Sethi, a...

Massive downed tree causes headaches on Ridgewood…

A large tree downed during early morning storms has caused headaches for some drivers and homeowners on Ridgewood Road.

4 dead in Waffle House shooting in Tennessee…

Police say 4 people were shot dead after a man wearing nothing but a green jacket and brandishing an assault rifle stormed a Waffle House restaurant in Tennessee

China says several Chinese casualties in North…

A bus carrying Chinese tourists to North Korea has been involved in a major accident resulting in several casualties, according to Chinese officials. No reporter narration.

What we know about the Waffle House Shooting

What we know about the Tennessee Waffle House Shooting Police say that a man arrived at a Waffle House near Nashville, Tennessee with a rifle and fatally shot two people outside, before entering the restaurant and killing two others. The shooting was stopped by a customer, James Shaw Jr., who was able to wrestle the gun away. "He decided to rush the gunman, actually wrestled that assault rifle away, tossed it over the counter. At that point, the gunman then fled," Don Aaron, Nashville Police Spokesperson The suspect, 29-year-old Travis Reinking, remains at large and may be armed. Reinking was previously arrested for trespassing near the White House but had the charges dismissed after completing a community service program. Following the program, the FBI interviewed Reinking and seized his guns. Authorities later returned the weapons to Reinking's father. One of those guns was the rifle used in Sunday's attack. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has added Reinking to its "Top 10 Most Wanted List."

Russia adds Google IPs to registry of banned sites

Russia's communications watchdog agency says it is adding some Google IP addresses to the state register of banned sites, as a dispute over a banned messaging app intensifies

Death toll from Kabul suicide blast climbs to…

The death toll from a suicide bomb in the Afghan capital of Kabul has climbed to at least 57 in the latest attack on a voter center ahead of the October legislative elections. Sareena Dayaram reports.

UK teen gets 2 years for targeting CIA chief's…

A British teenager has been jailed for two years for compromising the email and phone accounts of senior U.S. government officials in what a judge called acts of "cyber-terrorism."

UPS Trucks Don’t Turn Left and Neither Should You

UPS drivers will never turn left—and other drivers should consider doing the same.

Nabi Tajima, last known survivor of the 19th…

Japanese woman Nabi Tajima, the last surviving child of the 19th century and the 3rd oldest person in recorded human history, has died, her family says. She was 117 years old. Tajima passed away at 8 p.m. local time on Saturday at a hospital on the Japanese island of Kikaijima, where she lived all of her life. She died of natural causes, a relative said. James Valles reports. (BNO News)

Sylvester Stallone Phoned Up Donald Trump

And apparently Rocky gave the president some pretty good advice.

Street protests rock Armenia

Protests in Yerevan continued late into Sunday night with tens of thousands of Armenians gathering in the city centre despite earlier attempts by police to break up the march with batons and tear gas. Three opposition leaders including Nikol Pashinyan and around 230 protesters have been detained drawing criticism from the European Union. Demonstrators are demanding that newly appointed Prime Minister Serzh Sarksyan quit. Pashinyan was arrested after televised talks with Sargsyan collapsed, with the prime minister walking out. Critics accuse Sarksyan of ruling the South Caucasus nation of around 3 million people for too long, of being too close to Russia which has military bases inside Armenia, and of doing too little to root out corruption. Sarksyan says his country needs him and that his party enjoys large-scale popular support. Under a revised constitution approved in a 2015 referendum, most state powers shifted to the prime minister while the presidency has become a largely ceremonial post. Armenia is facing its biggest political crisis in a decade . The protests threaten to destablise a key Russian ally in a volatile region as "people power" takes to the streets.

Flip phones are back: Less distracting and a lot cheaper than a smartphone

The flip phone is having a mini-resurgence as consumers seek less distraction. Call it a rejection of the smartphone with its bombardment of messaging and social media that sap your attention. Or maybe it’s just a return to the cell phone’s roots, when a phone was just a phone.

Costco Employees Do Not Buy This From The Store

Although Costco has deals that both customers and employees enjoy, when the Business Insider asked 46 Costco employees what they wouldn't buy at the store several of them said they would not buy the produce. The reason why they would not buy produce is simply because it would not last them long enough. The chain is known for selling its products in bulk and employees said they cannot buy produce in bulk because they don't eat it all before it begins to rot.

Wake Up Weather

16 WAPT meteorologist Adam McWilliams has the forecast for Jackson and Central Mississippi.

Bloomberg picks up US climate bill

Former New York mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg has said he will write a $4.5 million check to cover this year's US financial commitment to the Paris climate agreement. "Our foundation will uphold our promise to cover any cuts to UN climate funding by the federal government," Bloomberg said in the statement. Last year President Donald Trump pulled out of the pact making the US in effect the only country opposed to it. The move sparked international condemnation. The landmark Paris agreement reached in 2015 commits the US and 187 other countries to keeping rising global temperatures "well below" 2C above pre-industrial levels. As well as the limit on global temperatures, it includes a limit on the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by human activity and a requirement for rich countries to help poorer nations by providing "climate finance". Trump staunchly opposes the agreement and his administration has rolled back a number of environmental regulations. In January, President Trump said the US could "conceivably" return to the deal if it treated America more fairly.

Who shot the dodo? Technology reveals famous bird's violent end

Experts in the U.K. have uncovered new details about a famous 17th-century Dodo that challenge a long-held theory about the unfortunate flightless bird.

This Medicine Cabinet Staple Could Prevent Dying…

Researchers out of the University of Arizona say a simple aspirin could help mitigate the effects of grief and bereavement.

Sunday p.m KSBW Weather Forecast 04.22.18

Gina DeVecchio has your work week forecast

Lobbyist tied to condo met with EPA chief…

In spite of denials, EPA chief Scott Pruitt did meet in his office last year with a veteran Washington lobbyist tied to the bargain-priced condo where he was living

Police search for gunman who killed four at…

Officials are still searching for a nude gunman who killed four people at a Waffle House near Nashville on Sunday. Nathan Frandino reports.

Audit clears Facebook despite Cambridge Analytica…

Audit of Facebook's privacy practices found no problems, though company knew a data-mining firm improperly obtained private data from millions of users