World News

Clues sought in crash that killed Zimbabwe…

Investigators will comb through the charred wreckage in search for clues as to why the helicopter carrying the group of prominent friends went down after dark Wednesday

The company making it easier for venture…

Ben White, the owner of VC4Africa, discusses how he created a network to help African entrepreneurs get funding.

In Chile, Pope Francis Accused Some Sex Abuse…

While in Chile, Pope Francis called accusations against Bishop Juan Barros Madrid "calumny."

US-backed Somalia commandos kill 4 al-Shabab extremists

US-backed Somalia commandos kill 4 al-Shabab extremists in raid that frees child conscripts

South Africa is getting smart about A.I.

Artificial Intelligence could add one percent to South Africa's GDP by 2035, here's how the country is implementing the technology.

New Zealand's Prime Minister Will Take On…

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced Friday she is pregnant with her first child.

European watchdog: More migrants heading to Spain…

Europe's border watchdog says that flows of migrants and asylum seekers are likely to keep increasing in the Western Mediterranean route this year, after 2017 closed with more than twice the traffic seen the previous year

Indian woman granted emergency UAE visa to visit critical husband in Dubai

The Kenyan ballers that beat Barcelona

Meet the Kenyan youth football team that has taken on the best...and won

France And UK Work Through Border Issues In Summit

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May met with French President Emmanuel Macron to discuss border security and military cooperation.

Radio Free Europe says Pakistan closes its bureau

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty says Pakistani authorities have closed the Islamabad bureau of its Pashto-language Radio Mashaal after Pakistan's intelligence agency accused it of airing programs "against the interest of Pakistan."

Africa's new home for football greatness

Kenyan kids follow their football dreams to escape the slums

Pope Francis Married This Lucky Couple On An…

The pope conducted an impromptu wedding for two flight attendants during a short flight out of Chile's capital Thursday morning, according to CNN.

Mattis says US competitive warfighting edge has…

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is laying out a broad new defense strategy, and he's warning that all aspects of the military's competitive warfighting edge have eroded

The future of football may in East Africa

Watch as a humble youth academy in Nairobi defend their European title

The Women's March Isn't Just For People In The US

There are worldwide sister demonstrations of the Women's March.

Merkel, Macron hopeful about German coalition…

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is expressing optimism that a weekend congress by the rival center-left Social Democrats will lead to coalition talks that could help end months of tense political limbo in Europe's leading economy

Ballistic missiles: Who has what?

How many countries actually have ballistic missiles? And who can defend themselves against attacks using them? Nick Paton Walsh explains.

Tillerson Says Russia Isn't Implementing…

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Russia is failing to enforce sanctions that "primarily" concern fuel.