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UK leader criticizes Trump remarks blaming "both…

Britain's prime minister Theresa May has criticized U.S. President Donald Trump's remarks on white supremacists, declaring that there is "no equivalence" between fascists and their opponents

May criticises Trump's protest response

Prime Minister Theresa May has criticised Donald Trump by saying there is "no equivalence" between fascists and their opponents.

Death Toll Rises, Hundreds Killed In Devastating…

The Red Cross says more than 300 people were killed near the city of Freetown when a rain-soaked hillside collapsed early Monday local time.

China urges US, North Korea to 'hit the brakes…

China urges the U.S. and North Korea to "hit the brakes" on threatening words and work toward a peaceful resolution of their tense standoff

Who will emerge as winner of Iran-US war of words?

Chimpanzees can understand rock paper scissors

Chimpanzees can understand rock paper scissors, Japanese primatologists show. Rough Cut - no reporter narration

Kim Jong-Un Seems To Hit Pause On Sending…

Analysts say North Korea could be waiting to see what the U.S. does before acting on the initial plan to strike near the U.S. territory of Guam.

Man recounts pushing fiancee away from car during…

With tires screeching and bodies flying, Marcus Martin shoved his fiancée away at the last second from a car charging through a crowd of peaceful protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia

BRIEF: Turkey sends protest note to Germany

HMS Elizabeth arrives in home port

HMS Queen Elizabeth is being described as "a demonstration of British military power and commitment to a bigger global role".

Iran Claims It Could Restart Its Nuclear Program…

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says his country could restart its nuclear endeavors if the U.S. continues imposing new sanctions.

Daniel Craig delays specter of retirement as…

British actor Daniel Craig confirms he will play James Bond again

Likelihood of Iran,US crisis turn to war

UK's biggest warship berths at home port

Britain's largest and most advanced aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, sailed into its home port of Portsmouth for the first time on Wednesday.

Venezuelan President Uses Trump Threats To…

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro says he'll conduct military drills in response to Trump's threats of possible U.S. military action.

The Latest: Austrian soldiers to help stop migrant entries

Austrian officials say 70 soldiers are being sent to the border with Italy to help police stop the entry of illegal migrants over Austria's southwestern flank

U.S. veteran returns Japanese flag to fallen…

Marvin Strombo, a 93-year-old United States Marine Corps World War II veteran, returns a Japanese flag to the family of Sadao Yasue, a soldier who had died during World War II nearly 73 years ago. Grace Lee reports.

As Many As Half A Million Yemenis May Have…

Right now, an estimated 15 million Yemenis don't have access to basic health care.

The Latest: Russia warns against tightening Korea sanctions

Russia says it's against further tightening sanctions on North Korea, warning that economic pressure on Pyongyang has reached its limit.

Tourists in Guam unfazed by North Korea missile…

Tourists in the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam enjoy their beach holiday one day after North Korea held off plans to fire a missile close to the region.

Here's The Rundown On NAFTA Ahead Of This Week's…

The U.S., Canada and Mexico will renegotiate NAFTA this Wednesday.