Facebook bans Trump-affiliated data firm Cambridge Analytica

Facebook suspends Cambridge Analytica, a data-analysis firm that worked for the Trump campaign, over suspected mishandling of user data

Army speeds up prototypes for its next-gen combat vehicle

The U.S. Army is speeding up the prototyping of weapons and tech for its Next-Generation Combat Vehicle, Warrior Maven reports.

Microsoft Reveals Details About Sexual Harassment…

Microsoft released new details about action it's taken against sexual harassment.

Rapid building technique gets scrutiny after…

The rapid construction technique that was being used to build a pedestrian bridge that collapsed and killed at least six people in Miami is drawing heightened attention

Amazon's HQ2 search tied to Pentagon?

Amazon is leading the Defense Department’s winner-take-all cloud services competition.

Blockchain, Explained In 2 Minutes

Blockchain has been around since 1976, but Bitcoin brought it to life. And it could become an essential part of our future.

Appeals court nixes some FCC rules on robocalls

Federal appeals court nixes some FCC rules on robocalls

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 hits stores: Here’s what to know

The Galaxy S9 touts several improvements over Samsung's previous models.

Facebook Blocks Far-Right Group Britain First

Facebook said it blocked the pages belonging to the group and its two leaders after they continued to post content that violated the site's rules.

APNewsBreak: US demands proof steel is safe in…

The federal government is demanding that the company building a giant nuclear waste treatment plant in Washington state provide records proving that the steel used in the nearly $17 billion project is safe

SXSW: Microsoft project helps ALS community make music using eyes

Microsoft's Enable Team showcased the Hands-Free Music project during South by Southwest's Interactive Festival. The project features three technologies that allow people with disabilities to compose music using eye movements.

This Roomba-Like Robot Could Change How Farmers…

Inspecting crops can take a lot of time and energy, but a new autonomous robot — equipped with artificial intelligence — might make that job easier.

1 in 3 Michigan workers tested opened fake 'phishing' email

Michigan auditors who conducted a fake "phishing" attack on 5,000 randomly selected state employees say that nearly one-third opened the email

Canadian CEO arrested in US on charges of supplying encrypted phones to Mexican cartels

U.S. authorities last week arrested the head of a Canadian company that allegedly sold encrypted cellphones to Mexican drug cartels – shedding light on the growing use of private communications networks among organized crime groups looking to avoid the prying ears of the law.

A US Paralympian Invented Limbs Being Used By His…

After losing a leg in a snowmobiling accident, Mike Schultz was determined to make prostheses designed specifically for extreme sports.

Hacker who turned in Chelsea Manning to FBI dead at age 37

Authorities have confirmed the death in Kansas of the computer hacker who turned in Chelsea Manning in to law enforcement for giving thousands of documents to WikiLeaks

Disney announces four business segments in reshuffling

The changes at the entertainment conglomerate are effective immediately.

Amazon Is Offering Prime Perks For Medicaid…

Amazon wants to make sure more Americans can afford its Prime membership, and it's offering a discounted version for some Medicaid recipients.

No small feat: Santa Barbara Zoo giraffe births 6…

The Santa Barbara Zoo's Masai giraffe, Audrey, gave birth this week to a 6-foot-1-inch newborn

Google follows Facebook in banning cryptocurrency ads

Cryptocurrency ads will effectively be banned from Google a result of the search engine giant changing its financial product policy this June.

Why The Department Of Defense Is Using Google's…

The Department of Defense and Google have worked on a few projects in the past, but their newest initiative may improve the efficiency of our drones.

Award-winning author Kate Wilhelm dies at 89

Prolific, award-winning writer Kate Wilhelm has died