SpaceX Dragon delivers scientific bounty to space…

A SpaceX shipment has arrived at the International Space Station, delivering a bonanza of science experiments.

President Trump Goes After Amazon and Jeff Bezos…

President Donald Trump took to Twitter Wednesday once more to go after Amazon and Jeff Bezos. Susana Victoria Perez (@susana_vp) has more.

Bill Gates Makes His Largest Charitable Donation…

Following a $4.6 billion gift to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill Gates announced his new "Mosquito Wars" project.

Egypt archaeologists discover tombs dating back 2…

Egyptian archaeologists discover tombs dating back more than 2,000 years, from the Ptolemaic Period

Cassini creeps closer to Saturn's surface

NASA's Cassini Probe begins maneuvers to study Saturn's atmosphere, coming within 1,000 miles of the gas giant's surface on a path toward the spacecraft's ultimate demise.

Using Smile Emoji At Work May Send A Different…

Smiley emoji in work-related messages were found not to convey happiness and actually had a negative consequence.

Scientists potentially narrow MH370 search area…

Scientists have potentially narrowed the search area for the missing Malaysian airliner to three specific locations in the southern Indian Ocean

NASA Sending Bacteria Balloons Into Space

NASA wants to see what happens to Earth-born bacteria on Mars, and our upper atmosphere during a solar eclipse is the perfect place to find an answer.

NASA's Saturn Probe Has One Final Mission Before…

NASA's Cassini probe has taught us a lot about Saturn and its moons. But now it's time for the probe to say goodbye with one final mission.

World's biggest shipper: cyberattack cost up to $300 million

Danish shipping and oil group A.P. Moller-Maersk says the June cyberattack that chiefly paralyzed its core shipping business is estimated to have cost $200 million-$300 million

Birth Control App Tells Women When They're…

Could replace the pill.

1 In 8 US Adults Might Have Alcohol Use Disorder

A new report shows the rate of adults in the U.S. with alcohol use disorder increased from 8.5 percent in 2001 to 12.7 percent 2013.

Wildlife officials determine bald eagle had lead…

Pennsylvania wildlife officials say a bald eagle that is suffering from lead poisoning is in guarded condition

Your Goldfish Is Probably Wasted Right Now

In low-oxygen, freezing water goldfish can produce ethanol which get it drunk and warm and allow it to survive harsh waters.

Learning A Ton Of New Science From 2 Minutes Of A…

The 2017 total solar eclipse is special. Unlike 1918, we now have the technology to study its entire journey over the U.S.

Neutron beams, x-rays reveal more about T. rex…

Researchers at one of the nation's top federal laboratories have used neutron beams and high-energy X-rays to produce the highest resolution scan ever done of the inner workings of a fossilized tyrannosaur skull

Livestreaming Smart Necklace

FrontRow is a new smart necklace that captures live video and pictures for your social media

Prosecutors seek records related to Inauguration…

The U.S government is asking a court to force a web hosting company to turn over what the company says is a vast amount of information related to a website used to organize Inauguration Day protests that turned destructive

This Headset Is A Personal IMAX Theater

It uses dual 2.5k screens to deliver 5K Ultra HD straight to your eyes.

Accidental deaths of endangered whale threatens…

Marine conservation groups say accidental deaths this year among the endangered North Atlantic right whales threaten the species' survival

Drone Shoots Machine Gun

The 'Tikad Drone.'

Researchers to study chemical contamination of US waters

Professors at the University of Rhode Island and Harvard University are studying chemicals that have contaminated water at sites nationwide and have been linked to cancer and other illnesses