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Donald Trump Officially Announces New Steel and…

But Mexico and Canada will remain unaffected.

US stocks inch higher as banks and industrial…

Stocks reverse some of their losses from earlier in the week as smaller, U.S.-focused companies rise and energy companies climb in tandem with oil prices

Week ahead: Fed to hike as BoE sits tight?

Two major central banks meet this week with economists expecting the Bank of England to focus on inflation, and the U.S. Federal Reserve to respond to strong economic data with a rate rise. Ciara Lee reports.

Bitcoin Could Be Close To Tumbling

Formerly red-hot bitcoin has experienced a large drop from its record highs reached in December. The digital coin looks poised to trigger a bearish technical indicator known as a "death cross," which portends more selling to come. A death cross is achieved when an asset's short-term moving average falls below the long-term level. Its occurrence is what some analysts think portends a further downward move. This bearish signal on bitcoin matches a forecast made by Goldman Sachs.

Fine clothing

Steven Mnuchin, Paul Ryan On the Ramifications of…

Donald Trump wants to tax steel and aluminum.

Global stocks mixed, with trade and US politics…

Global stock markets are mixed as investors remain cautious about U.S. plans to slap tariffs on imports

The Latest: Georgia executes man dubbed 'stocking…

Georgia has put to death a man known as the "stocking strangler," who was convicted of raping and killing older women in attacks that terrorized a small city decades ago.

Viacom And YouTube Get Cozy

A media company announcing an original series project with a digital outlet these days isn't exactly big news - except maybe when the names involved are Viacom, Nickelodeon and YouTube. During its annual upfront sales presentation to advertisers last week, the kids network Nickelodeon announced that it was planning a series this spring featuring Nick Cannon on YouTube.

Medical device makers continue to make strides in Sonoma County

Uncle Sam’s Bitcoin: How the U.S. Government…

Which is potentially worth billions.

Giants fantasy preview - Brandon ready to belt…

From Spring Training in Arizona, Yahoo Fantasy’s Dalton Del Don and Mike Oz discuss a Giants player to target in your fantasy draft.

U.S. Tariffs, China Trade Tensions Overshadow G20…

On Sunday, Reuters reported that the potential for a U.S.-China trade war and frustration over U.S. President Donald Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs, are expected to dominate discussions in a gathering of finance leaders this week. U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin arrived in Buenos Aires on Sunday ahead of a two-day meeting of the Group of 20 finance ministers. Last week that the Trump administration was considering punitive tariffs on Chinese information technology, telecoms and consumer products annually.

Viticulture briefs: Napa Winery buys Carneros vineyard

Google Launched Another Attempt at Mobile Payments

It’s called Google Pay.

Banks biggest gains behind them

Ten years after Bear Stearns collapse, investor views on U.S. banks are significantly brighter, but the sector may have already seen its biggest gains. Aleksandra Michalska reports.

L’Oreal Purchased Augmented Reality Beauty…

Cosmetics juggernaut L’Oreal has bought Modiface, the Canadian augmented reality beauty company that powers the makeup filters on the Galaxy S9‘s Bixby Vision. We’ve had our eye on ModiFace for some time now, since it first looked into the tech in December 2015. Interest in using AR to see physical changes on one’s face in real time has exploded in the last year, with ModiFace’s software coming to both iOS and Android. The tech works similarly to Snapchat’s filters, applying a layer of makeup directly over your face’s image on your screen, and tracking your head movements in real-time so you can see your digital makeover from multiple angles.

J.Crew Poaches Top Starbucks Tech Executive

To help improve customer experience.

AT&T Time Warner case starts Monday

Next week is the beginning of a massive anti-trust case in Washington. The federal government takes on AT&T over their acquisition of Time Warner. The government sued to block the deal in November saying its bad for consumers. AT&T claims blocking the transaction is denying consumers the kinds of vertically integrated products you can get from Comcast/NBCU, Netflix, Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

Elon Musk Needs A Big Move To Keep Tesla's Model…

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has been taking a victory lap of sorts after a successful launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket. Meanwhile, Tesla is at risk of falling well short of targets for Model 3 deliveries and production. Musk has gone all-in and slept at his factory before, and it might be about time to do that again. Tesla was still struggling to ramp up production of the Model 3.

Coinbase Introduces the ‘PayPal of Crypto’

It’s called Coinbase Commerce