Business News

US stocks close higher as market sets latest…

Investors shrugged off the potential for a federal government shutdown Friday, driving U.S. stocks higher and reaching new milestones for several of the indexes

America hit hard by 2017-2018 flu season

Dr. Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases shares insight.

Stocks rise despite looming US government closure

Modest gains for world shares as US government closure looms, dollar retreats

Rep. Norman calls for intelligence committee to…

South Carolina congressman speaks out about classified document.

U-Haul ranks California last for migration momentum

White House: Schumer isn't being sincere about…

Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley shares an update about the White House response to the government shutdown.

Baku Stock Exchange intends to expand derivatives market

Rep. Kildee: We cannot continue to budget weeks…

Democratic congressman from Michigan weighs in on 'America's News HQ.'

BRIEF: Iran, Azerbaijan to equally invest in Rasht-Astara railway

Rep. Mike Kelly: DACA is not a spending issue

Pennsylvania congressman speaks out on 'America's News HQ' about government shutdown.

BRIEF: Tehran Stock Exchange down 0.6%

Eric Shawn reports: Ending the shutdown

Sen. John Thune on fixing the mess.

A glance at Iran's imports

Eric Shawn reports: Give the West Bank to Jordan

Amb. John Bolton says it’s time to 'stop playing charades'.

BRIEF: Uzbekistan Airways purchases X-ray television introscopes

Dr. Manny on the shutdown's impact on public…

Insight on how the health system could be affected.

CDC report shows flu season is intensifying

Report shows the virus is gaining steam.

BRIEF: Foreign currency, gold prices surge in Iran

Afghanistan official: At least 18 killed in Kabul…

David Lee Miller reports after gunmen storm a hotel.

Avoiding a meltdown

Magazine's porn star interview

In Touch on Stormy Daniels, 6 years later.

NIS 400m offer to purchase for Equital by YHK

Bennett: Trump dominates culture

Says media resent president's constant presence.

Mellanox reports strong fourth quarter results

Flake likens Trump to Stalin

Did senator cross a line?

Media's shutdown blame game

More faulting Trump, GOP than Democrats.