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    The Best Aquariums to See Sharks

    Here are the top 5 best shark exhibits across the country.

  • Shark Week is back in all its force. Don’t miss out!

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    8 Awesome Sports Mascots Named After Sharks

    From the obscure to the mainstream, there are a lot of sports teams named after sharks.

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    Sea Misfits: the Rare, the Weird, and the Ugly of the Shark World

    Forget great whites and makos. It’s time for these lovable oddballs’ moment in the sun.


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    5 Alien Sharks You've Never Heard of

    These deep-sea sharks live 984 feet below sea level and are classified as “alien sharks.”

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    The Weirdest Shark Traits Ever

    Why does a hammerhead have a hammer head? Why is a thresher shark’s tail so long? Ever wondered?

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    Everything You Need to Know About Shark Babies

    Where do shark babies come from? What happens when they’re born? We've got the answers!

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    Key Lime Pie

    How to Make Beachy Key Lime Pie for Shark Week

    Florida is home to more sharks than any other state. What better dessert bite for your Shark Week party than the state’s classic key lime pie? 

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    How to Make Empanadas for Shark Week

    Hosting a Shark Week party? Make it a feeding frenzy with these shark tooth empanadas!

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    Sharks and Celebs, The Shocking Similarities You Need to Know

    If Kanye and T-Swift were Sharks, which would they be? The similarities will shock you.

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    The Ghost Shark is Totally Weird and Awesome

    What lives in the darkest depths of the ocean? Check out the strangest sharks we found.

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    How to Make a Tuna Sharktini for Shark Week

    Hosting a Shark Week party? Eat like a shark (almost) with one of their favorite foods

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    What Sharks are Endangered and What You Can Do

    Take a look at which sharks are endangered and how you can help the planet’s oldest species survive.

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    13 Stranger Things that Sharks Eat

    Sharks have been known to eat just about anything if given the chance. Here are the weirdest things ever to come out of a shark's stomach.

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    Great Whites: What's So Great About Them, Anyway?

    Sharks have an undeniable hold on the public imagination, and no species has been as misunderstood as the great white. So, what's the deal?

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    7 Memorable Shark Week Moments

    Shark Week turns 29 this year, which is a pretty big deal for shark fans everywhere. To celebrate this anniversary, we’re counting down the most memorable Shark Week moments. Ever.

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    Perfect Predator: Sharks' Amazing Biological Traits

    Sharks have ruled the ocean for hundreds of millions of years. They range from Arctic seas to tropical waters, from shallow reefs to the deep abyss. Thanks to their unique evolutionary advantages…

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    Real Sea Monsters: 8 Ocean Creatures Scarier than a Shark

    Sometimes it seems like sharks get all the attention, but there are plenty of fish in the sea—some even scarier than Jaws. Here are eight real-life sea monsters…

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    Fake News! 5 Common Myths About Sharks

    Sharks are scary: fact. Sharks hunt for human flesh: alternative fact. This is just one of many shark myths that continue to endure, thanks in large part to big budget scare films.  It’s time to put these myths…

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    10 Shark Movies You Have to See

    The release of Jaws in 1975 left the whole world talking. The iconic shark horror film redefined the blockbuster, and definitely left beaches a lot less crowded...  

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    How to Make Shark Fin Cupcakes

    Hosting a Shark Week party? Cap off the night with a sweet shark-themed treat: these lemony “shark bite” cupcakes. Filled with raspberry jam…

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    How to Make Pizza Pretzels for Shark Week

    Hosting a Shark Week party? Make it a feeding frenzy with these tasty pizza pretzel hybrids! Keep it simple by picking up some premade pretzel or pizza dough or make your own. 


    Even sharks need some love. Warm-blooded local sharks in your area want to meet up with you now! Swim right to mate with someone, or swim left to pass by. 

  • Get a glimpse into the interesting and significant differences between male and female sharks. Which eats more? Which can swim faster? 

  • Explore sharks top victims, from seals and sea lions to penguins and even smaller sharks. Why type of sharks eat what? How many casualities are there?

  • Not all sharks are created equal. Out of 4,000+ species, here are the biggest, the baddest, and the most extreme!

  • Break down how many muscles sharks are made of, what they’re being used for, and how strong they are in real-world terms.