Power On

by Henry Giardina

Power On AT&T

There’s no reason for anyone to be without a roof over their head this holiday season. And yet, every night, over 650,000 LGBT youths find themselves without a place to sleep. Trying to get LGBT youth off the streets can feel like an overwhelming problem. But that should never stop us from working hard to solve it.

This holiday season, AT&T is spotlighting PowerOn, a groundbreaking new initiative that turns your recycled technology into resources for homeless or disadvantaged members of the LGBT community. All you need to do in order to be part of it is donate an old cell phone or computer. PowerOn will do the rest, by turning your donation into technology that an LGBT youth can use to get connected to new opportunities for success.

It used to be that giving back meant donating money to a great cause or taking time out to volunteer at your favorite shelter. While these are still great ways to help, in recent years technology has made the experience of giving back even more personal in the LGBT community.

PowerOn knows that giving back should feel effortless: It should feel like being connected. That’s why they’ve made the process so easy.

With 50% of urban adults upgrading their phones each year, there’s 100 million opportunities to donate old models for a good cause. All you have to do is visit here, request a self-mailer kit, and sit back as your unwanted technology becomes a valuable resource to an LGBT young person in need. Helping out has never been simpler. 


Click here: Help LGBT youth with your unwanted devices.