Make the Yuletide Gay: Here are Some of the Best Queer Holiday Movies to Stream

by Henry Giardina

Fair Haven_showtime_DTV

Make the Yuletide Gay: Here are Some of the Best Queer Holiday Movies to Stream

by Henry Giardina

There are plenty of things to love about the holiday season, but most of us can agree that there’s one holiday ritual that tops them all: Sitting in the living room with your closest friends wearing chunky knit sweaters and marathoning all the movies that you can only, in good conscience, watch once a year. There’s something oddly sacred about a holiday movie, and especially one with a queer subtext. This holiday season, you’re looking for something truly gay to stream to get you into the spirit, we’ve got you covered. From old classics to bold new releases, here are some of our favorite queer holiday classics.


1. Fair Haven (2016)

In this acclaimed indie flick, a survivor of ex-gay conversion therapy is torn between the memories of a loving past and the problems of an intolerant family.

Gay Rating: 5 stars

Holiday Rating: 5 stars. We’ve all had to deal with difficult family talks during the holidays. “Fair Haven” looks at what happens when family expectations get in the way of personal truths.

Fair Haven is available on Showtime On Demand through 6.14.19. Showtime subscription required.


2. The Birdcage (1996)

In this heartwarming classic, a drag queen must play her greatest role yet in order to impress her conservative future in-laws.

Gay Rating: 5 ½ stars: “You brought a toothbrush to a cemetery? How Egyptian.”

Holiday Rating: 5 stars. Though “The Birdcage” doesn’t take place during the holidays, it does an incredible job of subverting the idea of “traditional” family values. Robin Williams and Nathan Lane give the performance of their lives, and we dare you not to shed a tear when Gene Hackman shows up in drag at the end.

Available on Starz VOD through March 31, 2018. Starz subscription required. 


3. White Christmas (1954)

In this classic musical, two performers get mixed up in a plot to save their war buddy’s farm.

Gay Rating: 4 stars. It stars Danny Kaye, and there is a drag show. Boy, is there a drag show.

Holiday Rating: 5 stars. While “White Christmas” is definitely one of the more dated holiday classics (and in parts extremely problematic) it’s also one of the queerest films to emerge from the Hollywood golden age. Not only is the relationship between Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye highly homoerotic, it’s also the most believable romantic coupling in a movie that tries to be about heterosexual happy endings. 

White Christmas now playing on DIRECTV CINEMA® through 10/31/18