Helping to End LGBT Youth Homelessness

by Henry Giardina


When most of us think of the Holidays, we think about coming home. Whether that home is made up of biological family, chosen family, or a tight-knit group of friends, it feels great to know you’ll come together with the people you love under the same roof.

But what if coming home for holidays wasn’t an option?

For many LGBT youths who can’t go home, the holiday season is a time of hardship and emotional strain. As more and more young people across the country become empowered to come out as gay, lesbian, bi, queer or trans, many find themselves in the same impossible situation: Kicked out of their parents’ homes with nowhere to go and no money to help them find new homes, jobs, or resources. Many of them stay in their hometowns and are subjected to violence, extreme poverty, and disease. Others travel to urban capitals like New York and Los Angeles to try and make a living and find acceptance in their new, chosen families.

Out of America’s 1.6 million homeless young people, a staggering 40% identify as LGBT. Because of a lack of education and intolerance, LGBT youths find themselves at a much greater risk. That’s why AT&T cares about supporting the True Colors Fund in its mission to end the homelessness for LGBT youth.

This year, the 7th Annual True Colors Fund Home for the Holidays benefit concert will be presented by AT&T and take place in New York City on Dec. 9, with all proceeds from the concert going toward ending LGBT youth homelessness across the country. AT&T is proud to be a sponsor of the event and to be able to work with an artist and activist like Cyndi Lauper to bring greater awareness to this issue. LGBT children and teens are our future: Why wouldn’t we want to give them their best shot at changing the world for the better?

But we aren’t stopping there. We’ve created an inspiring video to help raise awareness of the youth homelessness crisis and to spotlight the people and the passion behind True Colors Fund. They are working nationally to help end this crisis.

You can share this video on social media to help raise awareness of this issue. You can also learn more by visiting the True Colors Fund website at

This holiday season, AT&T is partnering with True Colors Fund to present the Home for the Holidays Concert and to raise awareness of the growing LGBT youth homelessness issue.