In 'Alienist,' Dakota Fanning breaks 1890s rules…

Dakota Fanning was unfazed by being on her own for six months in Budapest or the dark nature of the TV series that brought her there, TNT's adaptation of "The Alienist," Caleb Carr's 1994 novel. Fanning plays an aspiring detective in 1890s New York City.

A chance encounter with Justin Hartley of 'This Is Us'

Poll shows Swiss willing to keep paying for public TV, radio

A new poll suggests the Swiss are willing to continue paying fees for public broadcasting ahead of a referendum being closely watched across Europe

TV crew attempts to pass fake bomb through airport security

Authorities say at least seven people who claimed to be working for a TV network were arrested at New Jersey's Newark Airport after they tried to film themselves passing a fake explosive device through a security checkpoint

Louisiana TV's 'Mr. Wonder' gets 5 years for…

A former children's television show host known as "Mr. Wonder" gets 5-year prison sentence for sexually abusing children on a camping trip in Louisiana