Prince Harry and Meghan Spent Their First…

A new book reveals what really happened during their getaway last summer.

48Film Project

Pacific Rim: John Boyega's rebellous streak

Pacific Rim: Uprising star John Boyega tells us how he's always the students, never the teacher. And reveals his most rebellious moment.

Twitter: 'Black Panther' is most tweeted about…

The pop culture sensation "Black Panther" has set another record: most tweeted about movie ever

Trump's Weekend Tweets Tackled by Late-Night…

Stephen Colbert and James Corden teed off on the president's attacks on fired FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe and special counsel Robert Mueller.

Former Playboy Model Karen McDougal Is Suing Trump for the Right to Speak About Their Alleged Affair

Silenced women take Trump down? Sounds good to me!

Daniel Bryan Cleared to Wrestle!

The YES! movement lives once more as WWE says Daniel Bryan can now wrestle for the company.

Renee Zellweger transforms into Judy Garland for film

Renee Zellweger has transformed her looks and is working on her singing skills as she starts a new film about Judy Garland

John Oliver's Children's Book 'Marlon Bundo' Has…

The 'Last Week Tonight' host spoke about the sudden success of his parody children's book during an appearance on Tuesday's 'Ellen DeGeneres Show.'

What Do French Girls Buy at Urban Outfitters?

Mom jeans, c'est chic...

Ten unusual Indian film takes on disability

Every Wes Anderson Movie - Honest Trailers

Before you see the latest animated feature from your barista's favorite director, relive his meticulous works from the past that made you kind of happy, kind of sad, and kind of unsure - It's Every Wes Anderson Movie!

Scandal-plagued Weinstein Co. files for bankruptcy protection with buyout offer in hand

Scandal-plagued Weinstein Co. files for bankruptcy protection with buyout offer in hand

Violette Beane Teases Romance Between Jesse Quick…

Beane also stars on FOX’s new medical drama 'The Resident.'

What Is Elderflower? Everything to Know About…

What is "elderflower" anyway?

Justice League Is the Lowest Grossing Film in the…

Justice League ranks dead last out of all five DCEU movies in the US and internationally.

Woman says Steven Seagal sexually assaulted her…

A woman says she was 17 when actor Steven Seagal sexually assaulted her at what she was told was a casting session for a film he was making about Genghis Khan

'The Crown': Claire Foy, Matt Smith Receive…

Left Bank Pictures, the production company behind 'The Crown,' in Tuesday apologized for the controversy over the gender pay gap between stars Claire Foy and Matt Smith.

Khloe Kardashian Will Have Her Daughter in Cleveland—in Less Than Two Weeks

The reality star is preparing to welcome her daughter in Cleveland.

Regal Cinemas opens IMAX theater in Fredericksburg

How to find your artistic style or voice

The sign of a great artist is when a project's style comes not from the script, song, or brush, but from the artist himself. In filmmaking, it is the camera angles, the lighting, the scene-length and the spaces between the dialogue that tell the story, above any plot-line. Take Quentin Tarantino and the Coen Brothers as an example. So distinctive and influential are their styles they have even earned a place in the dictionary!

Correction: Film-Tomb Raider-Fitness story

Correction: Film-Tomb Raider-Fitness story

Fred Rogers: Through the Years

“I feel like if we in public television can only make it clear that feelings are mentionable and manageable, we will have done a great service for mental health," Rogers said at the 1969 PBS Senate Hearing.

The 35 Most Indelible Audrey Hepburn and…

Pixie pants, pillbox hats, and all the dresses.

Lucy Hale Explores ASMR with the Spookiest Sounds…

In this Celebrity ASMR interview, Lucy Hale -- the star of Truth or Dare -- explores the spookiest sounds from the scariest horror movies in history. Sounds like lighting a couple candles (House of Wax), brushing a head of hair (Psycho), stabbing a pumpkin (Halloween), clacking keys on a typewriter (The Shining), rubbing the lotion on her skin (Silence of the Lambs), breaking twigs and branches (The Blair Witch Project), hanging up a phone (Scream), and stirring a spoon in a tea cup (Get Out).