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9 famous predictions by Nostradamus that foresaw…

Nostradamus published a book in 1555 containing 942 quatrains that allegedly predict famous future events.

AT&T and Time Warner Battle the DOJ

Mar.20 -- Bloomberg Intelligence's Jennifer Rie discusses the latest developments in the U.S. antitrust trial against AT&T Inc.’s proposed takeover of Time Warner Inc. She speaks on "What'd You Miss?"

APNewsBreak: Key design change stymied bridge…

Documents obtained by The Associated Press show construction of the pedestrian bridge that collapsed and killed six people in the Miami area was behind schedule and millions over budget

Can Any More Elections Be Won Fairly?

Mar.20 -- Tina Fordham, Citigroup managing director and chief global political analyst, discusses the future of digital ads and their impact on society with Bloomberg's Julia Chatterley, Joe Weisenthal and Scarlet Fu on "What'd You Miss?"

These are The Top 5 Richest Places in America

When thinking about the richest places in America, it's common to think of places like New York and Miami but you’d be surprised to know the Midwest is on the rise.

Prince Harry and Meghan Spent Their First…

A new book reveals what really happened during their getaway last summer.


Nothing to See Here, Just Freedom

Deregulation kills more people in this country than ISIS ever will.

Andy Dick ordered to stay away from wife and kids

The comedian must stay at least 100 yards away from his family.

A New Tax Could Target Big Tech in Europe

Mar.20 -- The European Union is considering a new tax that would hit big tech companies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter. Bloomberg QuickTake explains why this tax would be different.

McCain Photo Shows Daughter And Dad

Meghan McCain has posted a photo on social media of her with her father, Sen. John McCain, saying there's "no place I would rather be." The 81-year-old Arizona Republican has been battling brain cancer. He was diagnosed last summer. (March 20)

San Francisco becomes largest US city to ban fur…

San Francisco became the largest US city to ban fur sales with a unanimous vote on Tuesday

Manipulating Facebook Data Using Psychographic…

Mar.20 -- Facebook's former product manager Antonio Garcia Martinez discusses the intricacies of psychographics and data manipulation with Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde on "Bloomberg Technology."

Your Facebook Profile Probably Isn't Very Secure…

Or, how to delete your profile entirely.


7-Eleven Has A $1 DIY Tater Tot Bar

Step aside, nachos.

Chrissy Teigen bummed her pregnancy weight gain isn’t going to her butt

"Not one ounce went to my butt,” Teigen quipped.

Inside the Path Forward for Self-Driving Cars

Mar.20 -- Bloomberg Technology's Mark Bergen discusses Uber's fatal, autonomous driving accident and its follow up investigation. He speaks with Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde on "Bloomberg Technology."

Christine Quinn Calls Out Cynthia Nixon's Bid for…

Quinn ran for New York mayor in 2013.

Minneapolis officer charged in shooting of…

A Minneapolis police officer who shot and killed an unarmed Australian woman in July has been booked on murder and manslaughter charges

'On Facebook, privacy is central'

In a 2009 interview with the BBC's Laura Trevelyan, Mark Zuckerberg discusses Facebook's new governance system.

Prince Albert of Monaco Attended a Private Gala…

The auctioneer told the crowd, "There isn’t a woman alive who, when trying on a beautiful necklace, doesn’t look in the mirror and pray to see Grace Kelly looking back."

How the Really, Really Rich Do Disney

If you've got a couple extra thousand stashed in your vacation fund, pack up those rose gold Minnie ears, and bookmark this primer.


‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ Betrayed Trish Walker

Trish Walker deserved so much more than Season 2 of Marvel’s Jessica Jones

How to Play the Energy Sector SPDR ETF

Mar.20 -- Tim Biggam, Delta Derivatives lead options strategist, discusses his options strategy with Bloomberg's Julie Hyman on "Bloomberg Markets."

Officer Charged In Australian Woman’s Death

Prosecutors have charged a Minneapolis police officer who shot and killed an unarmed Australian woman in July minutes after she called 911 to report a possible sexual assault behind her home. (March 20)